I Didn’t Mean to Tingle……

Anyone who knows me, like, reaaallly knows me, knows I have many hobbies.  That is, I enjoy learning how to do things and putting that knowledge into practice. And where is a better source of creative hobby fuel than dear old YouTube?  Needless to say I have devoted more than the occasional day off to streamfest.

mini food

What I didn’t expect, though, (and was pleasantly surprised by), was the vast amount of unintentional, mind numbing, glorious unintentional ASMR triggers to be found. We’re not talking crinkly bags and whispering, people. This is the real deal Holyfield. If you’ve grown tingle immune and think you’ve seen everything that’s out there, give yourself over to the wonder that is at times informative, hypnotic, or just plain mundane! Like this one ,  a stunning, creatively produced how-to video for bubble tea, or this leather crafting video that is mesmerizingly boring. And I would be remiss to not mention the wonderful plethora of soap making videos (snoozefest!) , and miniature food preparation like this gem.

I often hear it said that trying too hard kills the vibe, and I’d have to agree. It’s the reason so many of us realized this sensation at a young age, with raw, unedited life experiences. It’s also why we sometimes have to take a break from role plays and sound assortments until we get that old familiar feeling again. And when you get those tingles in real life, say, at a hotel checkout desk…there is nothing that can compare.

What are your unintentional favorites? I’d love to hear what gets you whisper fanatics buzzing.


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  1. JabberJim says:

    In real life I get it when the bug guy comes into my office and sprays around the base boards. Seeing someone clean windows, using a feather duster. There was a video I saw awhile back of a college kid drawing a big tree on a chalkboard. That one was intense.

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    1. That’s the first time I have ever heard the bug sprayer guy one….Come to think of it, I bet any serviceman that comes to your home and fiddles with things would be super triggery!
      And yes, drawing does it to me every time too.


  2. Lemi says:

    My first experiences with ASMR, before I even knew there was a name for the sensations, were in my grade school classrooms. Teachers quietly helping other students gave me tingles galore! Also, Peg Boggs in Edward Scissorhands is always a trigger for me. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on all of these videos years later and can intentionally induce the tingles! I am so happy you’re back at it.

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    1. Thanks!!!!
      First off……. Let me say that grade school teachers are some serious ASMR wizards. The way they quietly explain things at your desk, so as not to disturb the class while working…and if they lean in and touch your shoulder!!!! Geez!!!!
      And I’ll bet you’re referring to the makeup scene in Edward Scissorhands. Stirring the cup and applying the goop……ZZZZZzzzzzz………….

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  3. Gry says:

    Sounds of typing on a computer keyboard. And watching someone do things slowly e.g wiping a table, organize things, page turning…….


    1. The strongest ASMR I can remember encountering was in my teen years, when my next door neighbor would come over to use my family’s desktop computer for emails and chatrooms (it was the 90s).. The clacking of the keyboard was serious heaven!


  4. Dan says:

    One of my first experiences was as a kid when i would go to the grocery store with my mom… They had the freezer aisles and its weird but when you opened them those freezer fans would relax me so deeply that ever since then ive slept with a fan on at night and sometimes even have it on during the day regardless of the season. Its just very relaxing for me. Or there would be a certain voice on the radio that would throw me into a very relaxed state.

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    1. That’s a good one! A good ole oscillating fan blade will have me out in no time! Even if it’s not hot I turn on a fan in my bedroom at night and off I drift………… xo

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      1. Dan says:

        Most people never understood that…. It even destroyed relationships! Lol. They would say im coldddd or things like that but i could never sleep in dead silence. Now i have a huge fan and a very dim Himalayan salt lamp and any time of day off i go!


      2. Dan says:

        Another thing i was going to ask you is do rainy days or the sound of rain do anything for you? I know alot of people love rainy days or the sound of rain etc. ( Not to go off subject )
        The farthest i come to that is near the ocean at the beaches here in CT hearing the waves and the sounds of the ocean and seagulls etc. Sometimes i sit there and fall asleep to that.

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      3. I love to open the windows when it rains and it’s some of the deepest sleep ever.


  5. Hi Krista! Im very excited for your blog and new videos 🙂 I think you have the most relaxing presence. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into your videos, I hope you know how much peace you bring people. I loved that mini food prep video– amazing! Accidental same is like finding gold. My husband’s uncle taught me how to tie fishing lures and the how to videos gave me crazy asmr (https://youtu.be/Kc6jFQs_Uzg). Another favourite of mine is this wonderful lady named Yanghaiying with her soft voice and slow Chinese brush painting (https://youtu.be/JwHF-_hF_NU) & (https://youtu.be/xnL_UU5wlI0). Anyway! Thanks for the links to those videos, looking forward to reading your blog in the future 🙂

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    1. Kara, those are some examples I’ve not yet heard! I’m definitely checking out both.
      Thank you for your kindness and loyalty. I’m open to any blog ideas, I’d love to know what you’d like to read about! xo

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